Google Io 2013 Registration Dates Opening

Hunting around for tickets to Google IO 2013 is something I’ve been hooked on to for the past few days. Funnily enough none of the major sites like Gizmodo or Tech-crunch have a post out there for their readers to know when the registrations open.

With a bit of digging I did manage to find out that ticket sales open on the 13 of March 2013. Mark your dates folks… its going to be a rush. “How do I believe you?” you ask me? I stumbled upon a page on the IO site … sadly they seem to have taken it down…. but i do have a screen grab. (it was here)

Launch Date

Launch Date

However just having thisi info may not be enough…. I am willing to offer cookies and more to anyone who can get me an academic pass

Mapping NCSU AFS to your personal Laptop

Yeah I know expandrive is easier to use…. install, enter credentials, and you are done. But lets face it, expandrive isnt the fastest and most stable stable thing you’ve used. try to copy a lot of files and it leaves a few. The other problems … you know them

So after messing around with the MIT Kerberos and OpenAFS I found a solution (Windows for now). With a bit of work I’m sure linux users would be able to replicate the same.

So here’s a simple walkthrough to getting this done.

  • Download and install the MIT Network Identity Manager tool (64 bit users need both the 32 bit and the 64 bit).
    Edit : Use version 3.2.2 . Version 4 doesnt seem to work properly.
    link :
  • Download and install Open AFS. The versions which work together with MIT seem to be a bit messed up. Below are the links to to the versions which worked for me
  • Once you are done installing everything, its just a matter of getting everything to talk. open the NIM (network Idenitity Manager). Add a new credential with details as follows.
    username : YOUR_UNITY_ID
    Realm : EOS.NCSU.EDU (capitals seem to matter)
    password : UNITY_PASSWORD
  • Add this and it should add it to the list of your credentials and it should also say something like “Expires in 9 hours and 59 minutes”.
  • Choose the credential that just came up.
    options ->general->identities (left tab) ->move to the identity which you just created -> AFS (tab)
  • Add new cells
    leave realm and method as auto
  • You should be done. Try navigating to \\afs on explorer….
  • Your home folder is at
  • if you have a locker it is at

If you set up NIM in such a way you can make it mount these drives to a particular drive during startup…. or you could use shortcuts…

Give it a shot ! trust me when i say its sooo much “cleaner”. People facing trouble can give me a shout :)

I’m Alive.. yet Again

I’ve started blogging many-a-times before….Each time with a sudden burst of interest I started a new blog vowing to myself to be better than last time and not let it die. The first one was not even a blog… a bunch of HTML pages strung up together and hosted on the once popular geocities (yes I was a kid back then!) When I look back i realize that I did manage to better myself each time, but somehow, all those blogs died a gradual death as I realized my interest waned.

My last blog however started of with a different concept and had a couple of my friends posting articles as well (on any random thoughts under the sun). Some of those articles were pretty popular too. (the blog can be found here)

This time however, I start a new blog not with the hope of posting articles once every n days, but rather as a space to put down anything I might find of interest… (you have been warned!)